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X Dispatch, a CXT-built software, was created from the ground up by courier industry veterans, X Dispatch combines three decades of experience in the same-day delivery industry to bring you the most comprehensive, user-friendly, and powerful software solution for your business needs.

Clients love X Dispatch because it accommodates unlimited rating schemes, includes address validation, and provides a comprehensive dispatch module with intelligent dispatching capabilities. What’s more, the software also gives you the ability to locate and track drivers using real-time data and automatically communicates proof of delivery information.


X Route gives you complete route management tools for tasks unique to routed delivery orders. Some of these tasks can include contract billing, scheduled stop control, route details, bar codes, driver manifests and more. The distribution component of X Dispatch allows for Automatic Shipping Notification (ASN) and Over, Shortage & Damage (OS&D) reporting—all in real-time.


Equipped with smartphone technology, our medical courier drivers are extremely flexible. Nextstop Mobile allows couriers to respond to changes in routes and implement technology-based solutions like barcode scanning. The application’s straightforward, intuitive workflows prompt the courier for the next expected action in each step of your delivery process. It also leads to reduced training time, increased productivity, and fewer errors.

All our medical couriers utilize the Nextstop smartphone app, which was developed by industry veteran - CTX Software. Nextstop includes all the features you would expect from a premier enterprise mobile solution, including stop-level details, GPS tracking, signature capture, barcode scanning, real-time data transfer, and so much more.

The bottom line: Your drivers remain focused on meeting your customers’ delivery requirements.


Our On-Demand dispatch software increases our efficiency with drag-and-drop dispatching and the industry’s most flexible rating engine. The software allows dispatchers to fully customize their dispatch board layouts to tailor the information to the way they work. Using a split-screen or dual monitors, dispatchers can see active orders and drivers on the same screen, allowing them to select the best delivery resource for each job. To help narrow those choices, the software uses advanced algorithms to provide intelligent dispatching that ranks available drivers based on the geographic locations of each order as well as current driver workloads.


Drivers can be tracked individually or by fleet based on their last GPS fixes, or by their most recent pick-ups or deliveries if GPS is not available. Unassigned, and assigned orders can be displayed in addition to route stops that plot in sequence for a true visual representation of one or more routes.

The most reliable point-to-point, pickup and delivery services in the industry.

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