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Expert Courier Training

In the healthcare industry, reliable courier services are critical to patient health. To ensure that you can achieve your patient care goals, we exclusively work with medical couriers who are trained and certified to meet HIPAA, OSHA, TSA, DOT, IATA and PHARMA compliance. Next, we build on the foundation of our dedicated personnel by leveraging our industry knowledge to create customized, scalable logistics solutions.

Transporting, delivering, and warehousing medical supplies is a uniquely difficult task. For that reason, Accurate Courier Services has a robust medical courier training program and documented SOPs for specific operational models. Each courier receives internal training to ensure proper handling of specimens and biohazardous materials. Couriers also work with our trusted, 3rd party industry experts. Following the initial training period, we routinely perform audits and competency testing.

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Medical Courier Training - Service Page Module

Certified for Safety

Whether they’re transporting specimens, surgical supplies, sensitive medical documents, or pharmaceuticals, all medical courier drivers receive comprehensive training to meet compliance requirements, ensuring they are properly equipped to handle spills and other biohazard emergencies. We also offer top-of-the-line, real-time online tracking from pick-up to delivery. Our expert staff and advanced technology work together to provide peace of mind for our clients.

At Accurate Courier Services, we improve your operational efficiency by designing systems and processes to meet your ever-changing business needs. Furthermore, we believe that you can conquer your logistical challenges while simultaneously lowering your medical courier costs. Our dedicated personnel have experience transporting pharmaceutical products, medical & biological specimens, and medical records. As your logistics partner, we assess your needs and match them to our resources, ultimately providing an in-depth medical courier recommendation. Together, we’ll uncover cost-effective solutions to your biggest transportation pain-points.

The most reliable point-to-point, pickup and delivery services in the industry.

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